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豊田 有希|Yuuki Toyoda

She was born in 1987 in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture. She has been based in Minamata City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan since 2015. She began her career in 2012. She shoots mainly in the areas around where she lives. She wants not only to see but also to get a feel of the cultural climate of the land and people’s lifestyle. She aims to express the state of land and people, as well as latent social problems such as human rights and discrimination at the same time.

Her major works include “Signs of life” (2016-), which follows the life of the mountain village and traces of Minamata disease. In July 2020, we launched the REBORN project to rescue negative films in areas damaged by heavy rains in southern Kyushu. After that, "Donation book REBORN" was made to donate the amount excluding sales expenses to recovery activities.


2021 / "Signs of life" • "July 2020 REBORN project" , Contemporary Art Museum,Kumamoto GⅢ, Kumamoto

2021 / "Signs of life−thinking while walking in the mountains" , Nagasaki-bookstore gallery , Kumamoto

2019 / "BANSHAN GALLERY" , Tsunagi Art Museum , U-39program , Tsunagi-machi,Kumamoto

2012 / " Nostalgia town" , konya-gallery , Fukuoka


2022 / ”Signs of life” TOKYO Documetary Photo,BANSHAN GALLERY , Tokyo

2012 / ”CHI-HE-I” orange (Now:Daidai-bookstore) , kumamoto


2022 / "Signs of life−wavering Note"(a collection of published serially in the Nishinippon Shimbun ), SELF-PUBLISHING

2021 / "Donation book REBORN" , SELF-PUBLISHING

2019 / "Signs of life , photo exhibition catalogs in Tsunagi art museum ", SELF-PUBLISHING


2020 / 1st THE PITCH GRANT  Grantees


Angkor Photo Festival Workshops-student(2019) ,ROKKO INTERNATIONAL PHOTO(2017)


Nishinippon shinbun(serial essay and photo May.2021-Jun.2022) , Weekly Kinyobi ,

Kobunsha(Weekly Jyosei Jisin , series-Ningen No,2507 , director of photography)

Association for Yamaga-toro (2020/Yamaga-toro Inori-no-tomoshibi , The Shimada museum, photo courtesy

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